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Residential & Commercial Inspections in New York

Standard Complete Inspections
RC Professional Home Inspections provides you with a standard complete inspection of your home, commercial building, condo, co-op, townhouse, or multi-family dwelling. A Complete pre-purchase or a pre-sale inspection is usually required when buying or selling a property.

Our thorough and standard full inspection covers all of the major systems of a home or building, including the structure, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling system, the garage, the sidewalk and grounds, and all interiors and exteriors, and all incoming utilities. A limited inspection covers a limited or a specific area of a home or a building and is geared for the current residential homeowner or commercial building owner.

We specialize in residential and commercial inspections, and encourage buyers and all related parties to attend our inspections, to talk and to see the entire structure and property, through the eyes of the licensed and certified, professional home inspector.

Our Standard Inspection Process:
After the inspection is conducted, the computer narrative reports will be prepared exclusively for you and your attorney. Digital photographs of the property will be available via CD. The original reports will be sent via-mail to you within 3 to 5 business days and a copy can be faxed to your attorney in 3 business days, after the initial day of the inspection.

The standard inspection and related reports, digital photos, fax services, and postage are all included in our service fee. A termite inspection and report and environmental inspections and testing services are not provided with the standard inspection. These additional services are referred to as ancillary services and are conducted by a licensed, independent consultant and can be arranged by the client during or after the standard inspection. 

Limited Inspections
These types of inspections are geared for the current residential homeowner or commercial building owner and each limited inspection can be referred to as an annual tune-up or maintenance review inspection of the existing conditions in the premises. Our limited inspections help to maintain the value of your home or building and reduce the cost of major repairs by informing our clients of the items or systems that are found to be reaching its useful life, requiring repair, and/or requiring replacement before they fail and cause extensive damage and/or the findings of a potential safety hazard.

Home Inspection, Real Estate Inspection in Staten Island, NY
The Cost of a thorough Home Inspection
The standard inspection fee is based on the number of family units per dwelling. If the premises is either a commercial building or a residential mansion, the fee is by square footage basis. You may save many-fold the cost of the inspection by using the report as a bargaining tool. Please refer to your attorney for further guidance.

General Notes about FHA/HUD Inspections
Our standard inspections and reports should not be confused with an appraisal, a home value, a home repair estimate, a municipal code inspection, a city or state building department inspection, an elevation certificate, an environmental or energy audit inspection, a state food and health inspection, a homeowner's warranty, an insurance policy or a title search, and should not be interpreted or construed as a Government FHA/HUD Inspection, FHA/HUD Checklist Inspection, and/or FHA/HUD HQS Inspection Checklist Inspection.

Our standard private complete (home inspections) and the FHA/HUD Checklist Inspections are 2 different types of inspections. The FHA/HUD Checklist Inspection is usually filled-out and signed by an FHA/HUD employee or by an FHA/HUD 203K Consultant/Inspector and this type of inspection is a very limited checklist inspection - averaging 30 minutes, as compared to our complete thorough home inspection averaging 2 to 3 hours.

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