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RC Professional Home Inspections, Inspection Services in Staten Island, NY

Assurance & Guidance

If deficiencies are found in a home or building, it does not necessarily mean you should not buy or sell it—only that you will know in advance what repairs to anticipate. Regarding condominiums, co-ops, and town houses, since you are responsible for maintenance and repairs, having our professional home inspections conducted becomes a smart investment.

Our professional home inspections by RC Professional Home Inspections are conducted under the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc., Standards of Practice, and The Code of Ethics and also set forth by the Pennsylvania Law Compliance.

Reporting the current condition of a home or building you plan to buy or sell is only part of what RC Professional Home Inspections does. We are available for customer support, providing valuable data that continues to save you money. Also, all of our clients receive a free, yearly newsletter to inform you of any home tips and safety reminders.

Prior to the initial inspection of your property, Mr. Rick Cortes, Jr., will learn about your needs, explain the report process, review the receipts/pre-inspection agreement, and the fee related to our home and building inspection service.

Our fees are competitive and reasonable. The inspection process is important to the transaction of the property, and the cost should not be a factor in your decision to have an inspection. Therefore, giving a full detailed report of our findings is in the best interest of our client and everyone involved in the transaction.

RC Professional Home Inspections will assist you in making any inspection arrangements that are necessary for your convenience.

A termite inspection of the premises is not provided with the standard home inspection and in some cases can be arranged for you. If arranged, a complete termite inspection will be conducted by an independent licensed and certified consultant, as required by law, to inform the client of any suspected findings. Additional ancillary inspections and testing services, such as termite inspections, asbestos, lead, mold, and radon, are not provided with the standard home inspection. All utilities will be inspected, as we are home safety, child safety, and pet safety conscientious.

Residential Home Inspection, Professional Home Inspections in Staten Island, NY

Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale
The following is provided with our standard complete home and building inspection services:
1. A thorough complete home or building inspection and a walk-through with our client. The complete thorough home inspection will take approximately 2 to 3 hours and a commercial building inspection may take longer, depending on the size of the property.

2. A courtesy safety inspection of the existing incoming utilities and the point of entry of the utilities will be reviewed with our client.

3. Digital photographs of the property will be provided on CD, for our client.

4. 2 sets of the original home or building reports will be mailed to you. A copy is for our client and attorney. To help expedite closing procedures, a copy of the report can be faxed to your attorney upon request. We provide a professional computer/hand-written narrative report with several pages of solid information and not a quick and simple 1 page check list report used by many inexperienced and unprofessional inspectors (fly-by-nights).

5. All postage, faxed copies to our client, and faxed copies to our client's attorney are included with our service fee.

6. Yearly free newsletters to inform our clients of any home safety reminders and safety tips.

Residential Home Owner or Commercial Building Owner
The following is provided with a limited inspection:
1. A thorough limited inspection of a specific area or system, as requested by the client. A walk-through with our client will be conducted. The inspection time will take 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. We encourage the owner to be present during the inspection.

2. Digital photographs on CD will be provided for the client.

3. 1 set of inspection reports will be mailed to our client, directly. We provide a professional computer-written narrative report.

4. Yearly free newsletters, to inform our clients of any home safety reminders and safety tips.

Beware of the Unlicensed, the Uninsured, & the Unscrupulous
Unfortunately, the home inspection industry has been undertaken with false individuals whom have either read articles, have taken crash courses in architecture, building construction, and/or engineering, and are claiming to have vast years of home inspection experience. These false individuals are out to get your business by offering inspection services for reasonably less than the going competitive rate and with 1-page checklist reports. As the saying goes, "You Get What You Pay For."

Our Assurance & Pledge
With our solid home and building inspection experience and excellent reputation, we assure that your name will be added to our long list of satisfied customers. Our clientele references are available by request.

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